Journal Entry #1



Do I really gotta scream, or do i really.....

Should I just talk to these niggas?...

And everybody, fuck these niggas everybody, check it out....


Verse 1

Lemme take my time to spit this message 
Once I get on the map
Respect my legend
Twenty fo' seven
I'm thinking about how to get a head in
This body of blessins
Can I call the reverend
In the middle of the night 
And how do I tell em
That i've been cheating on death with life
The blind need sight and the g'z is us
Turn cheek, you don't wanna ressurect the Christ
Burning heat with the flesh of ice
Respect nothing less than right
Earnest keep, then set the price
Cuz Seth was like 
Everything manifests in light
Direct from thought
I guess it's all just reflections right?
Make you think about the laws of connection twice 
And what you call as flaws
We regard as all just a test of might
So when you draw the cause
Read the effects of the wrongs from the left to right
I wonder how the word why 
Make my 3rd eye, get a bird eye view 
On a world wide plane
Keep the herb round
Keep my nerves down
As I inhale slow to exert out game
And to sterilize pain
Parallel to paralyzed brains
In the mirror I can verify change
In the spirit I appear 
Never tell if I came 
How compelling my aim
How do I tell if im sane
If i'm busy living
Given ain't no time for me to sit and try to study my strain
What is my lane?
Am I driven?
Are conditions hard enough for me to feel it 
Just to tell if I gain
Shit, I get lost in my own thoughts
Locked in my own dome
Trapped in my own skin
Caught up in my own box
I'm wrapped in my own wrath
Back on my own path
Tryna find the strong spots
I warped in my own mind 
I'm borrowing time
But i'm following my own clock

Just breathe nigga
(Inhales, Exhales)
Just let all that shit out
All that shit that's right there
Sometimes you just gotta 
Just let all that shit out at one time you feel me?
Not too fast tho
Just breathe nigga....
Think about that shit right there