Love On Hold


I know that you don’t look at a nigga the same

 What’s the point of saying sorry to do it again

You could throw the book at me give me the chains

But listen and really look at it, just let me explain

Bridge 1

Cause I can’t even hide it like it ain’t finna show

I swear you know the truth and when it ain’t getting told

Getting roped in my lies, can’t hang anymore

But it’s some things on my mind that I think you should know

Verse 1

My pride don’t ever let me open up and I know

 Man all the shit that I done seen it ain’t no trusting these hoes

The same shit that I done did that’s how I know it for sure

I’m so insecure, every time you go out the door

My shame, got me feeling like

 I was your superhero now I live the villain life

Compared to you it look like I’ll never get it right

 I’m fake as fuck and I don't know what being real is like

So much on my mind

No lie, I’m fucked up inside

 Everything I touch get fucked up that’s why 

People always judging me like

I don’t know it’s hard to love me sometimes

Bridge 2

You don’t give a fuck what I say but you just wanna know

Is it a fuck thing or do I got a thing for them hoes?

Is it a love thing, listen I’ll explain so you know 

Its a love I get from you that I just can’t from them hoes

Verse 2

You always tell a nigga that I been like this, 

My excuse is always baby all men like this

All men cheat, maybe all men don’t slip 

Like it’s just gonna justify why I be lying and shit

When I’m the same nigga as well, same bitch on the cell

Putting bitches on planes, paying cash for tels' 

Even cheating with them bitches while my ass jail

Should’ve deleted all the pictures that I had of Janel,

 But it wasn’t like that

Man I swear to god, that I can’t catch a charge, for the one I didn’t do

Is that my karma coming right back

Got a nigga sick and

 if you give me my own medicine I’ll probably taste it and be like man ion like that

I know how you feel

 I been bringing you these problems all these years

Keep it real tell me how you still could fuck with me

I know you can’t forgive me and I know what it is

I’m the father of your kids do you feel like you stuck with me?

You still here through all the fuckery

 Them other niggas thinking lucky me

And all the stress and the tears that’s because of me

It’s bad luck to be in love with me

Bridge 3

I did the same shit again that I did from before, 

But this time it ain’t the same that’s the thing that I know

You don’t wanna stay but you don’t wanna go

So right now you gotta put the love on hold

Verse 3

I know that you ain’t tryna listen to the thoughts I express 

But you could talk to me until we figure out what’s next

I got doubts, regret, stress, pain, guilt 

And everything a nigga who got shame could feel

I need to stop making promises and change for real

That’s if I really give a fuck about the pain you feel, when I’m causing it

Started out with some now I’m creating all of it

My mama never told me that love would be as hard as this

 And how to deal with all this shit

Piece a cake I wouldn’t call it this

 I want to have and eat the cake, I want all my gifts 

Blow the candles, that’s all I wish

And you the last muthafucker that I think I’d fall out with

But I ain’t think about the dog I been

Thinking I won’t get caught

Couple bitches, weed, and liquor involved 

That’s all it takes to bring the dog out him

Rolling dice on the life and the vibe and sometime on the lamb

 It cost everything that’s an expensive hand

Nigga lost everything at the expense of the fam

But that’s a price of a boy who ain’t became a man