Who is THE MAN behind the MIRROR?

Underrated, underdog, or even underground. Those are just a few words you'll hear at best when inquiring about the artist known as Mirror Monk. Thanks to consistent quality, it is arguably no wrong in saying Monk doesn't have one bad song. It's hard to listen to one and not want more. The refreshing feeling of his smooth voice delivering relatable messages in the form of melodic harmonies, is something we haven't felt in a while.  If his choice of beats doesn't move you then for sure his words will. Now for the question they all love to ask.  Who is he though? And by that we mean who is the man behind the music. "The Mirror is for the reflection. The Monk is for the knowledge. Put it together and I guess i'm a reflection of knowledge'" says Monk. His impressive wordplay can be accredited to his love for reading. His ability of being a very inquisitive and observing person is what gives him the edge over other artist when comparing relatability. In his own words, he says, "I'm in touch with myself so much that it helps me understand the thoughts and feelings of others and makes me empathetic." Born of Haitian descent, the Miami, Florida native is surely a well respected artist in his hometown. More interestingly though, he is a well respected man, friend, and brother amongst his peers, friends and family. As the co-founder of Mirror Muzik Entertainment and also as the lead artist of the record label, 'Monk' is a man of many talents. Striving to be self-sufficient and standing on accountability, it can be easily said that Mirror Monk is definitely in it for the long haul.  When questioned about the importance of independence, Monk believes, "Independence is everything in today's musical climate. The level of success an artist attains, revolves around his/her own work ethic. What's the point of doing all the work only to see a small percentage of the winnings? And plus, nobody can tell you what to do when you're the boss." 


6 Wordz w/ Mirror Monk


Peace: "Control your thoughts, control your life."

War: "We don't wait, we slide first"

Old H**s: "I hope you b*****s finally happy."

New B****: "You ain't gotta lie to me."

Knowledge: "Information is power, knowledge is God."

Ignorance: "What I don't know, does hurt."

Pac Song: "Cuz shorty wanna be a thug."

BIG Verse: "I been in this s**t since 92."

Last Lie: "I ain't gonna nut in you."

Silent Truth: "I be f*****g in the studio."

Life: "Let Information Free Everyone, that's life."

Death: "Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred."

Love: "Treat others how you treat yourself."

Hate: "Hate is the absence of love."

Math: "The language God speaks is math."

Science: "The scientific method changed my life."


"I'm just hungry, never greedy, or seeking hope but, I ain't settling for nothing that's mediocre." 

-Mirror Monk, "Same 24"